What to Consider Before Buying a Century Home

Thursday Oct 24th, 2019


For those who know me well, know that I have one great love in Real Estate. Very old homes. Victorians or Edwardians are my faves. I have dreamed of owning one...or more accurately, looking after one for the next family. Maybe one day!    I have sold many Century homes over the years. It takes a special person to own these grand beauties. Patience, understanding and often, deep pockets.   There is a great article in Realtor.ca that discusses many aspects of owning a... [read more]

Things to know before buying a Condo blueprint

Thursday Oct 17th, 2019


This has been a very hot topic in Ottawa recently. Normally, a Buyer will purchase a property that is well under construction or already built. Some builders will sell units two or three years before the condo will be completed. There are very high risks and possible great rewards with this type of purchase. I urge my Buyers to do as much research as possible before putting in a deposit. I help my Buyers by doing my research into many aspects of the new builds. When purchasing a... [read more]

Tips for renovating your home

Monday Aug 12th, 2019


Thinking about renovating your home before you sell? The national bank breaks down the best investments to get the most bang out of your buck! Renovations are a major investment and you want to spend your money wisely to make the best return on investment. 1. Determine the winning qualities   Making a kitchen renovation, bathroom expansion or basement transformation profitable requires implementing a strategy. Before you begin, you must outline your priorities and... [read more]

6 tips for getting your home ready for spring

Thursday Feb 14th, 2019


Spring is coming I absolutely promise... eventually. But before you get too excited you should think about theses tips form the nice people at Global News of what you should do to make sure your home is also ready for the new season.  TORONTO – Spring is finally in the air across most of Canada (sorry Halifax) and with the sun and warmer weather comes the realization that Old Man Winter has been torturing the outside of your house for the last six months. Before... [read more]


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